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My name is Anthony Gurvis. I have been practicing personal injury law since 1981. I graduated from Columbia University in New York City and the University of Miami Law School in Miami, Florida. I’ve grown up around cars and motorcycles my entire life. My father was an owner of a company that manufactured automobile convertible tops and interiors. Since I was 15, I worked in his factory every summer until I finished law school. Before graduating from law school, a good friend was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light. My friend sustained terrible injuries, and I spent quite a lot of time that summer with him as he went through his long recovery process.

My First Step

I remember one evening while having dinner with my friend and his parents, I had the opportunity to meet his attorney, and THIS ATTORNEY MADE A MAJOR IMPRESSION ON ME. My friend had very serious injuries, and there were issues as to the actual insurance coverage and the amount of the coverage. There were massive medical bills and the looming possibility of partial or permanent disabilities. The attorney masterfully navigated through everything. I was able to see the great things that a skilled lawyer could do for a client and their life after an accident. From that point, I made the decision to practice personal injury law. That was the beginning of the law offices of Anthony Gurvis


Experts & Technology

We follow every lead and work with some of the best available experts and innovative technology to give us the edge over the opposition.

Because of our great staff and their diligent preparation to prepare to give our clients the best possible service, most of our cases are decided favorably for our clients.

We offer a free no-obligation consultation and take cases on a contingency fee basis for our personal injury clients. That means we don’t get paid unless you do.

Experience & Knowledge

We have many well trained and educated people at the Gurvis Law Group. We offer uncompromised legal representation as we advocate for our client’s rights and needs. Each member of our firm is tasked with providing expert customer service levels that are uniquely tailored to our client’s case. From the time that our clients first approaches us, we place our client front and center throughout the process. Ultimately, we want our client to get well and receive the compensation they deserve. This is why we ask you to allow our professional attorneys and staff to use their decades of experience to achieve the best results for your personal injury claim. Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope to hear from you soon.


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