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Gurvis Law Group has personal injury attorneys with decades of experience in settling and litigating cases favorably. We implement years of experience and knowledge to help you!

We only take personal injury cases. We have handled thousands of cases since 1981. No fee for us unless you get paid. Our job is to get top dollar for the injuries sustained. We are here to serve you to the best of our abilities.

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The only area of law we practice is personal injury

The average person can expect to be in an accident several times in their lifetime. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer to protect your rights can seriously affect your financial future as well as the quality of care you receive after a motor vehicle accident. We know it is not an easy decision. We know our experience of over 30 years matters; it is all about protecting our clients' rights. We are professional in every step of your claim as we methodically piece together every aspect of your case. This is why we are the legal team to represent you. Please remember the goal of an insurance company is to settle your case for the least possible amount. Claim adjusters may try to hassle you for statements, ask misleading and manipulative questions, or try to settle quickly. That all stops when the law offices of Anthony Gurvis represents you.

Personal Injury Specialists

There can be financial, physical, and emotional roadblocks you may have to endure. We will make the process as stress-free as we can for you to focus on recovering from your injuries. We take the task of handling all the complicated issues. That is what professionals do. We help injured people that are hurt by negligent drivers. We have built a reputation of going the extra mile, being aggressive for our client's rights, and getting what our clients deserve. In the horrible event of a death, we work hard to represent the family's interest on behalf of a loved one. We are advocates for justice in every stage of the legal process. We do our due diligence in processing all the information. Based on our lawyers and staff's hard work, we are more inclined to end up with a favorable outcome.

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Addressing All Issues

We know that protecting our client's rights are part of preserving the freedoms we all enjoy. Many accidents impair your ability to work. This is an element of the claim that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We follow every lead from the traffic collision, from a small rear-end accident to a fatal car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle accident. We work hard with experts and use innovative technology to give us the edge. Because of our great staff and their diligent preparation working through cases, we have long developed a reputation of achieving excellent results for our client. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation with our staff, and we take all cases on a contingency fee basis. That means we don’t get paid unless you do.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right personal injury attorney to protect your financial future after a serious accident is not an easy decision. This is why we are the legal team that will fight the opposition. As your personal representatives, we will strive to make a huge difference in the amount of care and money you will receive when we settle or litigate your case to maximize your compensation.



We know our experience matters; we ensure that your rights as an innocent victim are protected with our legal abilities and ethical standards.

We help you prepare for the financial, physical, and emotional roadblocks you have to endure. We make the process stress-free, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

We strive to help the injured suffering from the negligence and carelessness of reckless drivers. We have built a reputation of being aggressive for your rights and finding justice for our clients. We work hard to represent your family's interest after a loved one's death as if they are our own. We are advocates for justice in every stage of the legal process when taking cases against insurance companies

Legal Representation

We have many well trained and educated people at the Gurvis Law Group. We offer uncompromised legal representation as we advocate for our client’s rights and needs. Each member of our firm is tasked with providing expert customer service levels that are uniquely tailored to our client’s case. From the time our client first approaches us, we place our client front and center throughout the process. Ultimately, we want our clients to get well and receive the compensation they deserve. This is why we ask you to allow our professional attorneys and staff to use their decades of experience to achieve the best results for your personal injury claim. Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope to hear from you soon.